Friday, May 2, 2008

riding the short bus

From the dawn of human consciousness humans have looked for ways to make the world make sense. Religion began as stories to explain, "Why is their rain? What moves the sun? Where do we go when we die? How did we get here?"

But as the world matured and science took over our understanding of how things work, religion has had to work mighty hard to maintain its strangle hold on the minds of the faithful. And oh how they twist and squirm and contort their minds trying to fit the world into a biblical point of view.

At Answers in Genesis they go through more bends and twists than a contortionist fitting himself through a tennis racket as they try to fit their god into the ever shrinking gaps left by science.

And this... this is the fundy's answer to a handicapped child who says "Why am I different than my friends, Mommy? Why can't I run and play like the kids I see down the street?"

You will find a barf bag conveniently placed in the pouch on the back of the seat in front of you. Please leave your seat belt fastened and your tray in the upright and locked position while you chunder. Thank you for your compulsory cooperation.


Poodles said...

So, I thought that sign was kind of a sick somewhat humerous joke about produced by the non religious, then I continued to read and IT IS SERIOUS!!! Holy Shit, that is a new level of christian douchness!

Poodles said...

Above should read humerous joke produced (not sure why god snuck in an about in the sentence :) )

Fiery said...

Hey Poodles, pretty awful huh?

And it actually gets a bit worse. It isn't a sign, it's a little board book, part of the series "Dear God" blah blah blah aimed at toddlers. I should have opened it up and snapped a shot of some of the drivel inside. *gag*

T&A said...

Having worked with developmentally disabled people, I believe they are special, only because they see the world differently than we do. They tend to take life by the minute, and have a debt of gratitude for the little things in life. But they also endure the cruelest of tortures that a "normal" person won't ever have to. The taunts and stares have to hurt.

To pawn these injustices off on "god did it for a reason" disingenuous and cruel. What kind of "parent" would make such a cruel existence for one of his own children? To make us stronger? For what purpose? I just get so pissed off when I hear this kind of bullshit!

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I'll tell you who the "special" ones are.

Richard said...

T&A wrote,
"What kind of "parent" would make such a cruel existence for one of his own children?

There is a definite group among parents of deaf children to present deafness as an "alternate lifestyle". They argue that deafness is not a deficiency in any way, it is just a cultural alternative.

Some parents, who have children with cochlear deformities, have refused the surgery that would enable clear hearing for their children. The reason? Deafness is an alternate lifestyle!!

Ya, right!