Saturday, May 17, 2008

google search engine

As per Richard's request, I have added the google search tool to the bottom of my blog.

May it be a font of wisdom for you. :)


Protium said...

Works a treat

Richard said...


In seconds I was able to find that description of the chemical origin of life, and then link to it for Joyce.

One can link to a single comment, too.

The Google search results take you to the single page of a post and its comments.
In this page (not the "Leave your comment" pages) just click on the date shown at the bottom of the comment you want to link to. The window will refresh with the start of the comment at the top of the window.

Now Copy the URL in the address field of the browser. Return to the comment window and insert that URL in an html a-tag in your comment and you are done. I suggest right clicking the link in the Preview of the comment, and opening the link in a new tab, to check it.

I tend to use right clicks and new tabs, for the above steps, so pages I want remain available to me in tabs.

Richard said...

I forgot to say, "Well done, Fiery... Thanks!!"

The Google Search works really well, if you can think of a unique enough search word(s) to search for. One warning to users, the Results appear at the BOTTOM of the page, not in a new page or tab (that might be a matter of a setting), so you have to scroll down to see those results.

On linking to individual comments:
for fun, here's the link to my comment to Joyce that then links to my description of the chemical origin of life.

Fiery said...

Hey Richard! Glad you liked the search feature. The only thing I could choose about the search feature was where the results were loaded. If you'd prefer them at the top that's simple enough, but I didn't see a way to put them in a new tab or window.