Saturday, May 3, 2008

Christianity Explained

Saw this pop up over on Doubting Faith and before I'd scrolled to the bottom of the post I knew that Xavier Onassis had put it up.

No Christian can truly disagree with this summation of their beliefs. They may not like the terms used. They may disagree with the sentiment behind it. But as it stands, this is fully accurate and 100% *snerk*worthy.

Thanks XO!!!


T&A said...

:) Couldn't have stated it any better myself! Well done XO!

Joyce said...

The big bang theory or the thought I evolved from an ape is just as bizarre and unbelievable. I will take my chances that God may not exist, I have nothing to lose but to be dead and it be no more. However if He does exist non believers have an eternity in hell to live with. I'll take my chances on my ridiculous little opinion.

T&A said...

OK Joyce, then you also need to take in account that all the gods and their rules that have ever inhabited the minds of men must also be given their due. Do you pray while facing Mecca five times a day? Do you meditate for your ancestors? And when was the last time you sacrificed another human being to please the Aztec's Five Sun Gods?

The point I'm making is quite clear, how do you know that your god is anymore real than the Greek God Zeus?