Friday, July 13, 2007

happy dance

I have had a FABULOUS week. So much so that in my giddiness I can't even tell if I spelled fabulous right, so pardon me while I grab my dictionary. *whew, it's all good*

Have you ever typed a word and then doubted the spelling of it so completely it doesn't even look like a real word anymore?

Anyway- how fabulous was my week? Let me count the ways

1- New friends
2- My folks are here for a visit
3- I got the place looking great before they got here, and it wasn't 1/10th as hard as the last time.
4- Dad repaired the sink in the main bathroom.
5- Dad repaired the shower in the main bathroom.
6- Dad repaired the screen on the patio.
7- I had lunch with my Mom at Applebee's today and it was sooooooooo great!
a- great food (we split the Sampler Platter)
b- Long Island Teas (the perfect way to get silly and loosen up for a good chat)
c- Strawberry Shortcake mixed drinks for desert.

Let's pause and consider 7-c. OMG It's a mixed drink with an Amaretto of some kind, vanilla something or other, strawberry puree. and oh sweet goddess it was a taste of heaven. It was contentment in a glass. It was a pink smiley face painted on my soul. It was so wonderful I STILL feel the affects and the effects and ohhhhhhhhhh........ ehem. I should perhaps continue this in private.


It has been a great few days. They're leaving tomorrow morning and I'm going to miss them like crazy. They live 9 hours away so I don't see them often, so when we get together we try and make it count.

So- Attila the Mom, who so thoughtfully asked how I was doing.... THAT is how Fiery is.



I hope you have a fantastic day or four in your immediate future as well!


Poodles Rule said...

Those times are so great. You should always enjoy what you have got. I miss my dad fixing my stuff, even if he always tried to make it so perfect he usually screwed it up somehow... :)

Enjoy your time.

Fiery Ewok said...

Thanks Poodles!!! It is always sad to see them go. And I have looked mortality in the face and realize that each time I see them and every moment I spend with them is a precious gift.

My grandmother (mom's mom) died of lung cancer (not from smoking) when she was younger than my mom is now. My grandfather (dad's dad) had a debilitating stroke when he was a few years younger than my dad is now.

I am very fortunate! And well I know it. I treasure my parents dearly. :-)

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Yesterday was the anniversary of my Grandmothers death and today is the annivesary of my grandfather. They died 20 years ago exactly 1 day and 1 year apart.

My grandmother died of liver cancer(not a big drinker)and my grandfather died of a heart attack after many strokes.

Fiery Ewok said...

*hugs* My condolences on the loss of your grandparents.

Losing family is hard, especially when you are cose. Sometimes it is worse when you are not close, because of the regret and guilt.

Death sucks.

Joe said...

Mmmmmm, Long Island Iced Teas. Absolutely yummy!

Zoe said...

Yay for good days!!! Where can I get me some 'o those?

I swear, one more morning of stepping in puppy poo on the way to the coffee maker, and... well... I just don't know. It's easier to make wicked plans when one is wide awake than to carry through with them before the blessed, blessed caffeine.

Zoe said...

Oh oh oh!!! If there is a Johnny Carino's where you live, I highly recommend a frozen Italian Margarita with a Chambourd floater. Oh, holy yumminess, batfolk!
I've yet to try a Long Island. Rather partial to Mojitos and Margaritas. But I'm sure I'll get around to it...

Fiery Ewok said...

Hello Zoe! A very warm welcome for you to my blog!

I have heard of Johnny Carino's but have never been to one. I'm not entirely sure there is one in the area, but I will take the recommendation under advisement. ;-)

There are definitely times of the day when I am sooooo not capable of dealing with pet disasters. Why can't they barf or do their nasty business- if not in the provided litter box at least on some linoleum type wipeable flooring???? Why is it always the carpet with the deapest pile????

Pets- gotta love 'em!

I'll have to add your drink to the list of recommended ones I've been collecting on my blog here. Thanks for the suggestion!

Again- welcome and I hope to see you back!

Fiery Ewok said...

Joe- Long Island Teas are such an AWESOME drink, you can taste the booze but it's not so rubbing alcohol thick that it makes your face shrivel and your mouth pucker.

I like them long, tall, and with a good thick straw.


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

My damn cats only ever chunder on carpet. I think its because they like to dig their claws in as they convulse. Hard to do on linoleum.

Gramomster said...

Oh, the joy of hardwood. And baby wipes in Costco industrial size boxes. Got 'em anyway for the grandboy... turns out they are lovely for de-puppy-poopifying the kitchen. Baby gates too. Babies of all species (except baby cats) are stymied by these things. The kittens just find it a nice little challenge. When you're 3 inches tall, those things must be monstrous!
Current inventory:
Dogs: 1
Cats: 3
Puppies: 5
Kittens: 2
Baby/toddlers: 1
Teens: 3
Unemployed 20-somethings: 1

*pulling hair out*

At least for the most part, the teens and twenty-something can be counted on not to make messes of the bodily kind. Unless they manage to get ahold of some 'o them Long Islands... hehehe

Fiery Ewok said...


Note to self- never get into a "who had the most stressful day" contest with Gramomster.

Hat tip to you! And here I am occassionally bemoaning my 2 cats and 2 kids 13 and 10. I've got nuttin' on you. :-D

And poor Sean's been losin' sleep over his 2 cats. Lucky stiff not havin' kids to worry over. :-P

Poodles Rule said...

I just got rid of the carpet in my living room and hall, precisely because of dogs. That and the fact that I don't have a foyer of any kind, you track salt in the winter time right from the porch into the house onto the carpet. I have a lovely Pergo laminate now.

Probably in the next few weeks or so I will miss cleaning up the accidents from the old pup. There is more and more blood in the pee every day. Lysol wipes are my friend.