Monday, July 30, 2007

don't blog pissy

I promised Ginny a blog entry tonight and it is so flattering to be in demand.

I was halfway through an e-mail, a forum post, and just getting started on my blog (yes I really do that many things at once, that way when I run out of ideas on one I've got another as back up.) I'm in the middle of multi-tasking when farking Norton Live Update started and slowed my internet connection (dial-up) to a crawl...fine... whatever... I'm just typing anyway, so I'll forgo looking at other blogs while I just get the text stuff done and it does whatever.

Oh- now it's done... good hit close so it goes away and gives me back my modem space.

WTF Why is internet explorer closing. NO WAIT!!! DON'T!!!! I didn't hit send on that. SHIT SHIT SHIT no time to save to draft nothing. Just *blip* there goes the e-mail. *blip* there goes the forum post *blip* bye bye bloggy.

I lost everything. The god damn e-mail. The son of a bitching forum post which now I am NOT in the mood to retype. And my craptastic blog entry.


Did you ever see Groundhog's Day with Bill Murray? No? Well go rent the damn thing it's hysterical and don't tell me you don't like Bill Murray cause the movie is a riot.

PLUS- there is this line that he says, "don't drive angry".
In the movie it's funny, it doesn't make sense if you haven't so too bad.

Don't blog pissy. Don't blog pissy.

Ah hell, too late.

Fiery's in a foul temper.

*smooches to y'all*


Poodles Rule said...

At least you didn't delete your whole blog. >:)

Fiery said...

lol no I sure didn't. In order to preserve my sanity, I think I'd better NOT imagine what I'd do if that tragedy happened.

And yet, life goes on...doesn't it?

Poodles Rule said...

It sure does. And people forget that something that dumb happened.

My computer was shutting down my pages the other day too, at least I hadn't been doing anything too important.

I worry the old computer might be on it's last legs.

Fiery said...

They try and tell you that computers don't have personalities....and yet....


I know that technologically speaking a computer only does what you (or a program) tells it to do.

The trick for me has always been to think, "what could I have possibly done to make my computer think THAT is what I wanted".

Poodles Rule said...

Ha yea pretty sure I didn't tell it to shut down, maybe computers are god and they are malevolent.

Gramomster said...

Love love love Groundhog Day too. Freakin' hilarious!

There's probably much that is good to do pissy, come to think about it. *sigh* And I'm pissy so often...

Ginny said...

Heh, well at least I got a blog entry out of ya. ;)

Gramomster said...

Wait... I meant *not* much that's good to do while pissy. Hmmmmm.... is the stress getting to me to the point that I do everything while pissy? Very very possible.

Fiery said...

I actually thought you meant it when you said there was lots you could do in a pissy mood.

Scrub toilets/bathtubs, pick-up-put-away, vacuum, dishes, clean the litter box....

Don't take it back now! ;-)