Monday, July 23, 2007

fiery's phoenix


Xavier Onassis said...

Nice graphic!

Fiery said...

Thanks! I'm loving it too! :-D

Ginny said...

did you do this yourself? It's very nice.

Fiery said...

lol ahhhh I wish! I have really no appreciable artistic talent.

The phoenix I googled all by my very self. ;-)

It's amazingly beautiful to me.

Tommy said...

Or you could have went with Famkke Janssen's Dark Phoenix from X-Men 3!

I'm sorry you miss the Virgin Mary April Fools' post, but I have a new one up about Jesus I think you might like.

Fiery said...

I would never presume to present myself as being as hot as Famke Janssen. ;-)

Hey- all who check my blog.

Head over to Exercise in Futility, Tommy's blog and give it a read. He's got several fun posts to rile the atheist spirit in you. :-)

At least...that's what they do for me. Give him a read, have a laugh, jump in the fray. :-D