Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yay Reuben!!!!!!1!

The nice man with the bobcat and front loader phoned last night to say he'd be by to do my driveway between 7am and 8am. I wanted to have my car dug free so I could back it up and he could remove the snow from in front of my car.

So, alarm gets set for 6:30am. *groan* (I like to get up about 9am so you can feel my pain here.) HEY! I didn't say sympathize. I know a lot of you get up well before me on a daily basis. It's one of the perks of homeschooling so nyeh! ;)

Anyway, got dressed, got suited up and step outside to scope out the situation. And then I have to come back inside to get the camera.

Check out how deeply impacted my car is!!!!
And how dark it is!!!

This is the front of my car between it and my garage. Why isn't my car in the garage? Good question. The garage is 75% full of boxes of books and 20% full of misc. crap. Remind me to tell you about the books another day.

My daughter, with a little help from me, gets the car dug out after about an hour's effort.

Then nice man with the bobcat shows up and begins clearing the drive way. Takes him about 5 minutes to free the car from behind so I can back it out.

Yep, the Ace Ventura hairdo is still attached.
HELLO!!!!!! :D

Yep that's me standing behind the Ace Venturado. Will have to knock that bad boy off before we go to town today.

Thanks Reuben!!!! It would have taken us all day to do what you did in about 15 minutes and we appreciate it VERY much!!!! YOU ROCK!!!! :D


Traceytreasure said...

I'd never make it there. I'm so glad that my folks move to CA when they did.
Congrats on being mobile again. Take it slow. The roads are still going to suck. My Aunt and Uncle in Apple Valley said that it didn't really affect them. Most of the damage was to the West of them....I said "I know!"


Poodles said...


Anonymous said...

Was thinking about your snowed in problem and was wondering what your children think of it. Specifically the home-schooling side of things.

I remember as a child not having to go to school a couple of times due to weather conditions. Yeehaa a day off school, stay home and play, woot!

Your children must be spewin' - Yay we're snowed in, Doh we get home-schooled.


Glad to see you are out and about again.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

So glad you're all dug out...whew its quite stressful by the look of it all :) YAY for the bobcat drivers... couldn't believe the look of your car under all that snow, it actually looked very much like ice to me :) did it start first pop?

Could be a nice summer job for you out the garage lol so Mr Car can be nice and snug in times like these...oh oh i'm sounding like your mother :-D

doofus said...

How much did the nice man charge you for this?

Fiery said...

Tracey- The roads are in excellent condition. As the paving is dark, they absorb the heat of the sun and melt off very quickly. Plus they use snowplows to get the poofy stuff off. :D

Poodles- *snerk*! :D

Ozatheist- Good question! Because we homeschool, the kids get HEAPS of days off that public school kids don't. The kids also can take a day off when they just really aren't up to doing school. Not too often, but on the odd occasion. Meh! We skip a day. Also, because of the way we structure our week, our "weekend" days are Tuesday, Wednesday. Once you've eliminated the official weekend, days off/days on just don't have the same mystical appeal.

Thump- When we bought the house, it didn't come with a garage door opener. So driving the car in would entail having someone on the inside poking the button. Meh! Haven't regularly kept a car in the garage in about 10 years or so. Just not a big deal. It's fairly sheltered there normally and we plug it in so it starts in the cold.

Doofus- nuttin'! When I asked him, he said, "Nah! Don't worry about it!" He also said he'd have the guy who normally does the plowing in this area of town clear the driveway whenever it gets snowed in like that. YAY NICE PEOPLE!!!!

uzza said...

Wow. I have distant memeories of living where it snowed. Not that much!
Here, the other day they called off school for a "snow day" when there wasn't even any snow, only a weather forecast that predicted some. Everybody here's a sissy.

Fiery said...

There were a few times when I was growing up that the snow drifts were so big they wouldn't send the school buses out to pick up us farm kids. But they still had school and we were expected to find a way to get to town, even though the big honkin' buses couldn't make it. >:(


My school was determined to save up the sick days in case one of the sports teams made it to state tournament and they wanted to take the day off to go and see them play.

Fiery said...

*save up the STORM days

not sick days. oops.