Wednesday, March 11, 2009

morning after

The artic-esque drift out my bedroom window. The blowing snow filled in the cool contours and the softness belies the snow drifts hardness. (You can walk of them.)

The neighbors across the street in the process of digging themselves out.

The old man's house, look at the size of the drift on the roof! (The little tree in the center is once again pointing at the eaves. What looks like a giant drift is actually the man's house with a drift covering part of the roof and most of the side.

The courtyard drifted even more deeply. The snow is almost rock solid. The kids were climbing all over it and only sinking in on the odd occassion.

The blobs in front of my car are plops of snow that blew off of the roof.

The cone shaped mound out the front window, smoothed and a bit taller.

Check out the snow hanging off the eaves!!!!

Beautiful day here, bright blue skies, sun a blazin', but brrrrrrr is it cold out there. Electricity stayed on, thankfully!!!! :D Now I need to find a man with a snowblower to help free my car. (Hopefully he won't charge much!) The hard snow compacted into a fairly deep drift behind my car and will be very difficult if not impossible to shovel out by hand.


Traceytreasure said...

I think you need to take a week off from life. I hope you have enough supplies and staples to get you through the week.
Don't go out in that stuff! It's dangerous!!
Just stay inside, all warm and enjoy its beauty! The stuff is gorgeous unless you have to go out in it.


Thump Thump Eyes said...

Glad you got through it all without a drama...whew, so much snow, though it looks really beautiful now rather than threatening, but yeah I imagine its bloody freezing. Great pics honey, hope the snow blower comes along soon :-!

Fiery said...

The snow blower is coming between 7and 8 am. ummmmm I usually don't get out of bed until 9am or 10... or 11... once 1pm. ummmmmmm heh heh. Gotta get the Ace Ventura look off my car so it can be moved and he can plow around it too. ugh!!!!!!

Tracey- will have to venture out in it tomorrow. Running low on some stuff and it's karate class.

Thump- It really is amazingly beautiful. Pristine white with brillian blue skies. Gorgeous.