Thursday, March 5, 2009

atheists lol at creation science

This is part 1 of an absolutely brilliant youtube series by Thunderf00t addressing that very topic.
If you haven't seen his work yet, I highly recommend it.
Why do people laugh at creationists?

It's that middle bit that the REAL scientists will not allow in their work. And the reason why creation science and "intelligent design" are absolute bullshit.

*hat tip to Joe over at Joe's Big Blog for this pic. :)

*hat tip to lolgod for this one. I <3 lolgod

Here's more from them.

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Richard said...

I've seen that before, but I am still impressed with the idea that water would have to move 6x the speed of sound in order to fill the Grand Canyon in 5 minutes.

I could argue that the kid was speaking loosely, but then I would have to suggest that everything he argues was speaking loosely... AND I'D HAVE TO LAUGH AT HIM FOR IT.

Either one takes the bible literally or one abandons it completely. Half measures are a) a religious abomination and b) a desire to have one's science /reason/logic cake and to eat it too. The only option is NO BIBLE at all.

Now I suppose some Fundy is going to pop in.