Sunday, March 1, 2009

open forum 21

It's that time of the month again. But we don't need to go into that. Instead we'll have an open forum post.

For those new to my blog, an Open Forum is your chance to ask me personal questions, impersonal questions, impertinent questions, off topic questions.... well you get the idea.

And can you believe I forgot last month? Yeah, I didn't notice until just now either. HEH!

I promise to take better care of my blog in 2009. 8-}

Yeah, I wrote that in January. Then forgot the Open Forum post in February. So much for the New Year's Resolution to take better care of my blog. Poor blog. ;)


Orion77 said...

Top 3 things that make the state of Minnesota, superior to the other 49 wannabe's?

Battery said...

Saying you had a soul. What would you sell it for? At ages 5, 15, 25 and 35?

Pink said...

Scruncher or folder (toilet paper)?

Fiery said...

Orion77- First off, I want to say that I love your site. You post some of the most beautiful pictures of women I have ever seen. In fact after looking too long I start thinking about what it would be like to .... You really find the beauty and art in nudity. mmmmmmm

And hats off to you for your efforts in raising awareness of and fighting against honor killings.

As to your question. Minnesota, superior? *snerk* Well, I'm hardly arrogant enough about where I live to think that it is superior to ALL 49 states. I live here because the homeschooling laws are more lenient than in North Dakota. I moved to the general region to be about a day's drive from my parents when I first went to college. I remain in the area out of sheer inertia and no powerful drive to live anywhere else. Except Australia, but they don't want my kind there, so meh. I like the winter, spring and fall, and wish the summer wasn't so humid.


Battery- At 5 I would have sold my soul for a huge bag of Cheese Curls and a pack of Hubba Bubba that I wasn't obligated to share with anyone.

At 15 I would have sold my soul for a real boyfriend.

At 25 I would have sold my soul for a chance to unmake the decision I made when I was 19.

At 35 (this year) I would sell my soul for $3 million. That should cover me and those I love very nicely.

Pink- I'm a scruncher. I always figure more surface area and more texture is going to get more off, faster. I live with a folder and having seen him methodically fold his 3 squares, no more no less, around his fingers boggles my mind. But I always follow the scrunch with a wet wipe because I abhor skid marks and itchiness.

Traceytreasure said...

I'm going to steal the "Open Forum" idea from you. I did it once before. I'll give you credit for the idea!

I'm jealous that Battery visits and comments on your blog. Maybe I can chat with Battery later....


Fiery said...

Tracey- he only stops by for the open forums. But he's always welcome. :)

Traceytreasure said...

I did another Ask Tracey post. Maybe Battery will visit me too! hint, hint, Battery!!

Thanks Fiery!!
My answer would have been the same as your answer at 5 years old!


Anonymous said...

Australia - don't want your kind? What do you mean? We'd be happy to have you.
If you don't like the humidity, try South Australia it's very dry. Last time I was in Adelaide it was 43C and <10% humidity.

Protium the Heathen said...

Beware the toilet roll holder!
XtremeLulz :D

I want to know your views on Ritual Slaughter. I refuse to eat from Kosher or Halal food outlets and can't tell if I'm being silly or not. It just irks me!

Fiery said...

OzAtheist- Australia is extremely selective about the type of white people they let across their borders.

Think of visas as split into different streams: Skills, family, and business

(as well as ‘others’ such as visitor visas, student visas etc.)

Skills- like having a college degree and able to pass a test in a desirable field. Ummm, yeah.... no.

Family- Australian spouse, children in Australia or sole surviving immediate family member in Australia? Ummm, yeah. no.

Business- with a high turnover or have millions of dollars to invest? Ummm, yeah. no.

Visitor visa, max. stay of 3 months.

Student visa- have to have min. balance of approx. $35,000 in bank account to show you can pay your way while you're there. Ummm, yeah. no.

So where does that leave me? here, in the US.

Protium- ritually cutting an animal's throat while it is still conscious and allowing it to kick it's life out while writhing in pain because a dusty old book said that animal suffering was pleasing to Yahweh/Allah is fucked up to the extreme. I'd avoid that shit like the plague!!!!!!

Fiery said...

ps- Protium- I will never NEVER forget the incident with the bog roll holder. Trying to smash it back into proper alignment, rolling on the floor laughing hysterically. Your shock at my noob skills even though you and Ian were convinced I'd be contemplating my navel in the corner for days after. Then standing with Thump in the parking lot trying not to say anything that might be overheard and incriminating.

best lulz of my whole life.

Tiny bubbles, make me feel fine, make me happy

Orion77 said...

Thanks, glad you enjoy the blog. The girls and the photographers are beautiful & talented in that order. And, they are a stark contrast to the honour killing posts, in many ways. I've got some naked guys up at the moment, might help straighten your thoughts back out.

As for Minnesota, I hear and like your logic. What I wouldn't give to be a full days drive from my mother. She's only five minutes down the goddam road. Thank christ she doesn't drive. But what the hell was I thinking, when I bought here and why stay? Lack of foresight & inertia!

I've heard stories that if you stand on the northern border with a good set of binoculars, you can look over to the other side and see naked Canadians doing things with moose, that'd make your hair curl? Is this true, I tend to believe it would be, having worked with a few 'em?

Fiery said...

Orion77, binoculars sold in Minnesota all come with a warning. Be vewy vewy caweful where you point these. What is seen cannot be unseen.

Ohhhh and speaking of seen. I did indeed see the men on your blog. mmmmmmmm All kinds of lickable goodness there. :)

Pink said...

Mine's a folder too. Makes no sense to me either. :-)

Joe said...

I'm a folder. Uses less paper and I don't make as much of a mess. And, if I could ever find flushable wipes, I'd have them at the loo. Even men like that clean feel.

Anonymous said...
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