Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blizzard update

4 hours later.... This is mostly a compare and contrast with the previous post. :)

The "artic-esque" drift in my back yard.

The neighbors across the street.

The view of the old man's house.

My car. *snerk* With it's Ace Ventura style hair-do.

The drift out the front window.

And it just keeps blowing, and is supposed to until 1am tonight.


Thump Thump Eyes said...

bloody hell matey, thats just over the top...dunno how you cope? Hope you've got plenty of tinned food or other stuff in the cupboards, besides the bourbon :)

Those shapes in the snow really are fantastic, and the ace ventura car WOW love it!!

Here's a warm thought for you, we've got a nice 29 degrees forecast for today with a little cloud, I've got my t shirt and long shorts and sandals on, of course the air con is keeping the office down to a pleasant 25 degrees...:)...thinking of you honey xx

Fiery said...

Thump *giggles* One copes by staying inside and hoping the electricity stays on. We're all warm and cozy in here. Just makes one look out the windows and say "HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT DRIFT!!!!!" Then make some hot chocolate because it looks so cold out there and then just keep on keeping on. :)

The blizzard is due to blow for another 6 hours so will take pics in the morning to see the final shapes of the snow.

Will probably be able to go to town day after tomorrow.

Traceytreasure said...

OMFG!! You need to visit me next March! It's been 34-low and in the 60s for the high. The sun was even out today. (Don't tell anyone though!!)
I'm watching the Weather Channel now. They're talking about MN.
Sure hope it warms up for you soon!


Thump Thump Eyes said...

Glad to see you've kept your sense of humor in the face of adversity, and srsly hope you've got plenty of hot chocolate to keep dosing yourself with lol

What the hell happens if the electricity does go off????

Cant wait to see more pics so I can continue to vicariously indulge myself in your blizzardy conditions without feeling a thing :)

Fiery said...

Tracey- Yay!!!! We're famous!!!!
What a thing to be known for. Freaky March weather.

Thump- Actually if the electricity goes out here, we're fairly screwed. Our only source of heat is electric so we'd be forced to seek shelter elsewhere, probably my next door neighbor who has a gas furnace. If it stayed cold long enough there is a chance our pipes would freeze and burst, causing massive damage and plumbing expense. Since it isn't an ice storm, chances of electricity loss aren't great.

Brent Rasmussen said...

Holy crap! I walked around in a tank-top, shorts, and flip-flops today - and ran the air-conditioning in the house because it got a little too warm in the afternoon!

Your weather is just alien to us Arizona natives. I get a chill just looking at the pictures! Brr! :)

Hang in there!

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Fark!!! does that mean you would have to shelter with the fundy next door, scary but I guess that doesn't matter when you compare it to freezing your butts off :( bursting pipes doesn't sound too good either, hope it all passes you by with the minimum of fuss!

Whats the difference between a blizzard and an ice storm?

Fiery said...

Howdy Brent! Welcome to my blog!!!! Hard to believe that just a few states away the weather is so radically different. *shivering* at the idea of turning the AC on. I ran the clothes dryer today (normally I hang stuff up in the laundry area and use the dehumidifier) and actually had to check to see that the snow hadn't plugged it tight. It melted its own space in the drift and then blew freely.

Thump- Yes it would indeed mean sheltering with the fundy. He's been waiting on a chance to have that 4th discussion with me, see if his prayers haven't had a softening influence on my hardened heart. *rolls eyes*

An ice storm is when it is basically raining at freezing temperatures and the frozen rain accumulates on trees and power lines and causes HUGE damage and power outages. Not to mention incredibly slippery streets.

Snow is just snow. It blows around and piles up. It can damage tree limbs and even collapse roofs if it drifts high enough, but it doesn't tend to down power lines.

Johnny said...

At least it is extreme, unlike the non extreme dull winter we get here.

Looks like there will be some great snowboarding tomorrow :)

Really hope Mr Shocko doesn't go out on you though, fingers are crossed for ya.

Poodles said...

Oh just fuck no! No way I would live there. Utah weather sucks but we haven't had that kind of crap weather for a long time, and if we do it is few and far between.

Pink said...

You're welcome to visit, Fiery! My azaleas are blooming and we just planted our garden!

Since I'm too lazy to email right now, I thought I'd drop this big blob of poo right here.

Fucking crazy, it is...


Pink said...

Well shit. Lemmy try to link it, if I can figure it out.


Pink said...

Fuck. I'll email it to you.

Fiery said...

Johnny- Yep, I actually rather love it and think snow is beautiful. Will post the "morning after" pictures in a bit. Winter in Melbourne- Dreary tonight, followed by periods of dreary, late afternoon dreariness with a bit of dreary over night. Tomorrow. More dreariness.

It is so bright and beautiful today with all that snow reflecting sunlight. Gotta wear SUNNIES!!!!!!

Pink- links are such a bitch. I usually make the link in my compose window on my blog then copy the html over to the comment window. Hope you get a chance to email it, my curiosity is definitely aroused. :D

Pink said...

Lessee if this works. Hope you are staying warm!!


Pink said...

I'm dense!!! If you take out the blogger.com part of the address, you'll get to the article.

Pink said...

ARRGG! And html at the end of the link.

Curse you, full moon!!!

Sorry to take up so much of your comment space, Fiery. :-(

Fiery said...

LOL!!!! Not to worry Pink!!! I've never begrudged anyone constructive use of my comment space. :D

Fiery said...

And getting a link... that's constructive. Thanks for that and for not giving up!!!