Tuesday, January 1, 2008

open forum 9

Here it is again, the start of a brand new month and that means another open forum. Your chance to probe the inner workings of my mind. Sometimes when you're out and about in the blogosphere reading away on a blog you think, "hmmm would love to ask the blogger a question, but how?"

Well with me you have two options:
1- E-mail me directly atheisthomeschooler @ yahoo.com or
2- Post the question in the comments section of the current month's Open Forum post.

It's your chance to ask a question that may have been niggling in the back of yours: personal, atheist, homeschooling, whatever you can come up with.

Consider it like truth or dare.

You ask, I'll answer. :D


Poodles said...

OOOHHH truth or dare huh? Gimme a minute to think...

Fiery said...

LOL!!! Go for it Poodles! :D

Poodles said...

Ok... If you had it to do over again, knowing what you know now, would you have prefered to have been raised an atheist, or become one like you did?

Fiery said...

raised an atheist.


The lingering effects of childhood indoctrination are annoying as smeg to have to deal with.

1- lingering feeling someone is watching
2- shame in having a libido
3- stupid fundy songs that get stuck in my head ad nauseum
4- wanting someone to come rescue me
5- Lutheran guilt

there's probably more, but those are what I can think of off the top of my head.

Cool question!!!!!!

Joe said...

OMG! Shame in having a libido. Boy, did my second wife, a lapsed Catholic, have that. And the Guilt. And it didn't help that her good Catholic brother diddled her as a child and that didn't come out unitl later. All that under the will of Jeebus. Jesus, what crap. Rant over, for now.

Fiery said...

Joe, one thing about fundies is that they will claim there is NOTHING shameful about sex. But the only sex they acknowledge is that which occurs within the context of marriage to an opposite sex partner.

Even masturbation is now ok, provided you don't look at pornography and you don't do it too often, or do it instead of having sex with your spouse.

Funny how the church's position on sex and masturbation has changed over the centuries. I wonder if they are reinterpreting the immutable word of god????

For example- Church dogma once decreed sex is for procreation only and to be done in the missionary position only. Girls were forced to wear chastity belts to prevent masturbation and potentially damaging their maidenhead. They even had rigs for the boys to prevent them from touching themselves and potentially spilling their seed. After all every sperm is sacred.

This attitude towards sex has tainted many a person's attitude towards sex and left one feeling that arousal is a dirty thing, that sexual thoughts are immoral and even the act itself is somehow shameful and should be done quietly with the lights dimmed or off on the sly with none the wiser.

Yet the fundies now will deny that sex is still treated as shameful. Oh no, sex is beautiful!!!! But there's always that caveat: PROVIDED that it is god ordained, anything else is a sin.

Strange how most believers still come away from church thinking that sex is something to be ashamed of.