Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dear Protium:

This is your snowman.

This is your snowman after 750ml of the finest imported German Beer.

Any questions?

Good luck with your New Years Resolution!


Protium said...

Yes... Why did he have a nipple on his head and did he have a hangover the next day :)

Actually I think he was obviously a "two pot screamer"

Thanks Sis

Fiery said...

lol cause it was a new years eve party and he lost a bet!

*smack* it's not a nipple! ya goof! it's a top hat!

yep, after 750ml he was full.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Haha thats a great snowman Fiery....totally smashed on one beer....whoa a one pot screamer!!

T&A said...

What no snow in Perth? ;)

Protium said...

Thump & I are not aware of it ever snowing in Perth. It does a bit further south.

Back in NZ I got a lot of gigs in pubs at skifields but soon learned snow, sun and fair skin is a bad mix OUCH! :)

Poodles said...

Sad, just sad. Giving that poor snowman the demon rum!

Fiery said...

Please don't turn me in for snowman abuse!!! He promised to quit... or at least cut back!!!

Richard said...

Okay, there seems to be some confusion here. A standard bottle of beer here in Canada is 330 mls... so as a beer drinker Fiery's snowman wave-the-cap-under-his-nose drinkin' wimp! A "two pot screamer" indeed!

Now if it was demon rum, as Poodles suggests, then I suspect Snowman over-estimated his alcohol tolerance.

When I was doing my MSc at McGill U. in Montreal we used to have "Wildlife Lunch" at the local pub (Pisse Dru) on the last Thursday of each month. It was not uncommon for some of us to drink 5 imp. quarts of beer, and then return, staggering a fair bit, to our grad. office to keep working. Some days were rather too silly, but we never did any harm :-)

An Imperial quart is 2 pints, or 1.2 L. Though it is no record breaker, it's a fair bit o' beer (over a gallon) to be pickled with while working on one's thesis. We kept meeting each other in the washroom, trying to stand still and aim straight so the other guy wouldn't think we were too hammered.

With that, I think I'll pour a Brandy.

OzAtheist said...

One beer and he's 'off his face'?
That snowman would never pass the Australian Citizenship test. he he he

From an often seen bumper sticker:

"24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a carton, coincidence?"

Joe said...

"two pot screamer" applies to this poster, that's for sure.

Fiery said...

Oz Atheist- do you know why there are 18 holes in a golf course? Because there are 18 shots in a bottle of scotch!

Richard- as to the 750ml amount, that is the standard size in a largish bottle of Aussie beer. No idea what y'all do with your beer north of the border. As for being a wimp, he was only 3 days old and hadn't built up his tolerance yet. He's a 3 weeks old now and is stiff as a poker. It would take about 20 litres of beer to bring him to his knees now!

Joe- I've heard tolerance is all in the practice. :D