Monday, June 4, 2007

sex in 2011

Brian at Primordial Blog has an ongoing series: Sexiest Animal on the Planet. One week in April he posted about robots and how according to Discover Magazine we could all be enjoying great robot sex in as little as four years..

That got me to thinking (thank you Brian!) about whether or not I would even want to have sex with a robot? Apparently Standard options on the male will be sure to include a 7 inch rotating pearl vibrator with a built in clit stimulator.

I don't know. First of all it's not about length but thickness. Second, there's more to sex then penetration and clitoral stimulation.

For me it's the kissing. I like kissing, better than sex.

That's right.

If I had a choice between a really intense french-kissing session and sex I would pick the kissing.

I can "double click my own mouse" to achieve orgasm. But I can't kiss myself.

When you were a kid, did you ever try kissing your own arm? I remember when I heard that french kissing involved using your tongue. Being an ignorant kid I was naturally disgusted and had no idea on the logistics of how one would go about using one's tongue to kiss. I tried it on the crook of my arm. No satisfaction. Then I tried the palm of my hand. Nothing worth repeating there either. So I shrugged and ended the experiment.

I can't kiss myself in any satisfactory way. DAMMIT!!!!!!


So- let's assume that the sexbot would kiss. How would robot taste? Would I want robot tongue in my mouth even if it could kiss? And if I don't want its tongue in my mouth, why would I want its pickle in my hoo hoo?


Sean the Blogonaut said...

By the time we get to robots that are worth kissing they will be at the point(developmentally) where we can't really tell the difference between them and a human.

personally though i don't think i'll ever be rich enough and my own hand is always...well handy

Fiery Ewok said...

yeah- there's always the money. There's never enough is there?

plus with kissing, if the sexbot always follows the same pattern- how boring is that.

It's tongue jousting, it's random.
Computers can't do random- can they? I mean truly random?

Nothing feels as good as the real thing.
have you smooched somebody today?

Poodles Rule said...

If it looks like Orlando Bloom, I'm game!

Just don't tell my husband... which brings up another idea, robot cheating?

Fiery Ewok said...

omg Orlando Bloom is SOOOOO yummy.

*shhh* don't tell anyone but I have posters of him as Legolas and as William Turner.

Yeah, if the robot looked like Orlando I would be all over him. It. Whatever. :-D