Thursday, June 21, 2007

fundy in the house

Call the exterminator.

Well blogger friends, we've got a fundy. An honest to no one, word twisting, bible thumping fundy. I have no idea if he's around long term or not. He's been stalking Poodles Rule and apparently followed me over from Atheist Rants, her blog.

*sigh* For an example of his work, please see this post over there Getting Caught Up it starts with stem cell research and degenerates into atheism is a religion.

He says atheism is a religion because

"*you regularly read, opine, and study the arguments of atheism
*the supernatural being is yourself, you worship you
*You believe that You are smart enough to learn enough to convince yourself that you have a belief of zero in something :)"

Currently he's over on my post called homeschooling and statistics and wants to know what indoctrination is.

So why is this fundy getting a post all his own? No, it's not to stroke his little ole ego. It's to let you know this is a no-holds barred cage match. You got something to say to this fundy, let him have it. BigTex (and I hope you are still out there)- that means you can let fly with as many elbows as you want.

Have at him!


Poodles Rule said...

I'm so sorry, I'll chip in on that exterminator.

My favorite part is that he seems to never get that I am a total smart ass, and say horribly sarcastic things sometimes.

Fiery Ewok said...

That's ok, I've got a coupon! :-D

He doesn't get it because I don't believe he genuinely wants to learn anything. He doesn't really want to know about us as atheists or our viewpoints on anything. He just wants to shit in our pool and watch us react.

Fiery Ewok said...

However you are more than welcome to help with the swatting.

I just read his most recent comments over on your blog about forced births. *gag* I haven't decided if I'll delete him or watch everyone here slow-roast him.

Poodles Rule said...

I know, I'm still waiting for some arguments based in fact and reason, not the babble...

Reg Golb said...
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Reg Golb said...
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Crazyman Bob said...

I realize that your question was directed at Fiery Ewok, but I couldn't resist.

Ladies and Gentleman, straight from

"Fundy: A fundamental Christian, usually protestant, who obsesses over the Bible and has no real knowledge of anything."

Not a bad definition. In my opinion, the term is usually used more loosely here, but this should help you understand.

Fiery Ewok said...

The fundies I have seen have most or all of these characteristics:
- fundamentalist christian
(born again)
- young earth creationist
- believes faith is the best source of knowledge. (When an argument comes down to the best source of knowledge, the fundy will pick faith in god over reason and evidence.)
- quotes the bible as a source of information, not just moral authority
- believes nonbelievers will spend all eternity in torment and is ok with that fact
- will justify any atrocity in the bible committed by or ordained by god as beyond reproach
- believes god does not need to be held to the same moral standards as humans
- visits atheist websites for....I really don't know what reason. Why do fundies visit atheist websites???

Summer Squirrel said...

Oh, and he's not the "informed" kind of fundie either. Too bad. It'd be nice to have a real debate where we could actually learn from each other. NOT!

If he's not making any sense I say delete him! It's a waste of time and space.


Fiery Ewok said...

Yep, he's commenting on homeschooling and statistics and is contradicting himself all over the place.

Really odd. I wonder if he is aware of it?

Reg Golb said...
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Poodles Rule said...

I think you have lost the fundie too. Packed up and gone homw.