Saturday, June 30, 2007


It's not always easy to tell on a blog when a conversation on a previous post continues to generate good comments. Especially if the post is a few days old and is buried by several new ones.

For those who are/were interested in the government-school scabs discussion, please head back over. Russ has had several long comments (YEAH!!!) in an exchange with Lord Leto (a newcomer to the blog. A delayed but very sincere welcome Lord Leto!). Lord Leto, concerned he was hoggin' my bloggin' (no I don't know what is the matter with me today) has taken part of the discussion over to his new blog Rule of the Worm. A really interesting blog with a whole Dune thing going on that sci-fi buffs will enjoy.

Some really eye opening thoughts by both of them.

Disclaimer: If you wish to remain ignorant of the true depths of depravity in our public schools, or if you wish to continue to think well of public schools.... maybe you better not look. (It's rather awful!)

And GREAT SCOTT!!! This just in: Russ has a brand spankin' new blog! Head over to the Complete Materialist and check it out. Russ is a hell of a writer, I sure hope he blogs fairly regularly. Oh, and Russ- P-Momma tagged you with that meme 8 Random Things and I for one am really hoping you'll play along!

Yes folks, peer pressure in action. It's an ugly thing.

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