Saturday, April 7, 2007

what are you

In my hometown there were 3 churches: the Lutheran church, the Catholic church, the Methodist church, and oh yeah the Holy Rollers. So if someone asked "What are you?" in reference to your beliefs you were identified by what church you went to. I was a Lutheran.

And I was just thinking, if someone had asked me, back then, "Are you a Christian?", I think my knee-jerk answer would have been to say, "No, I'm a Lutheran." And that just struck me as funny. Both funny ha-ha and funny interesting.

It might be that the connotation of being a "Christian" was more fundy/bible thumper- one of those born-again types. My dad took special exception to people being born-again. He figured he was baptised, confirmed, took communion, went to church on Sunday, he was golden.

Anyway, I hadn't really thought much about it until just know.


tina said...

I was always told that I was Protestant...ok what is that? Well now I know but growing up, how could I be Protestant and not even go to church to understand the meaning? Handed down I think from my mom's mom..?

look_an_atheist said...

Hello again Tina, sorry for the delay. I hadn't turned the "e-mail me with new comments" on when you posted this, I'm sorry I missed it.

It is interesting how the adults in your life sometimes assume you know something that seems so obvious to them and yet you can look at them and wonder why they aer speaking in a different language.

For me, going to church meant the whole ball of wax, Sunday School, First Communion, Confirmation, Bible School during the summer, being an acolyte, Youth Group, Junior League. Lots of opportunities to learn about being Protestant, Lutheran, etc...