Friday, April 6, 2007

ending sentences with prepositions

I know that ending sentences with a preposition is one of the 7 deadly grammarian sins. Because I am aware of it, I find myself doing it constantly. Then I try and think of how to re-word the sentence WITHOUT the preposition and it ends up sounding stilted and stupid. So.... for all those grammar gurus out there who may want to point out the "incorrect usage" I'm giving fair warning. I know it's wrong, and fixing it takes too much times and isn't worth it.

I think I managed to complete this post without breaking that rule though, cool! :-P


tina said...

Well, I better look that word up, it's been awhile!

look_an_atheist said...

Hi Tina,

Thanks for stopping by! I have to admit that I am new enough at this that I find myself frantically reviewing my post to see if I spelled everything correctly and used everything appropriately.

New word for the day... paranoia.

I think I am waiting for the big meanies and cool kids to jump out of the wood work and say "go home loser, you can't play here!"