Thursday, May 21, 2009

this one's for Orion77

Ever since your comment about book inscriptions I've been looking at them a bit more closely and thought you'd enjoy this one.

The Great Divide By T. Davis Bunn.

Governor Ista- Thanks for being a great friend, we've had some great times. When you are gov[sic] don't forget me. Have a great time next year and keep in touch. Let's have a blast this summer. Your friend, XXXXX XXXXXXX

PS- I got a 33.

Except to write the inscription, the book has never been opened let alone read. And the person who brought it in wasn't old enough to be a governor.

I find that rather sad.

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Orion77 said...

Lets see what my "profiler" skills are like!

White anglo-saxon protestant, deeply religious but doesn't wear it on his sleeve. Fat, middle-aged and glasses, sort of like Costanza, but without the cunning.

The writer has got lucky and he know's it, he's punching above his weight in this relationship and the imminent end to the work association with his "winner" buddy, is causing him sleepless nights.

The gift-giver has worked with his target on previous occasions and although their relationship is warm their personal contact has always ended when the work arrangements have changed.

He's a decent person, never cheated on his wife, never even thought of it, probably never intentionally shafted anybody at work either and views the Governor as his protector in the workplace. He is contemplating which of the office attack dogs, that've been held at bay by "the man" are going to pounce first, when he is gone.

He's also gay, although he doesn't know it himself, his outlook on life is family and work, nothing else deserves contemplating. But if he were to spend some time thinking of himself he might get hints of what he really is, but denies. He and the Gov. could have a "blast" all summer long if that were the case, but he will never get that far until the day he dies, blissfully denied.

*Sad the book has never been opened, but probably not the best gift in these circumstances. A bottle of red, would've been enjoyed and might've won the giver an invitation to share the bottle, helping to secure his position as "friend". Instead he gifted a present, requiring a commitment of energy and time in solitude, to a man driving his career forwards at a fast pace. Very dumb!