Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's not perfect, but it's mine.

Howdy faithful readers. Thanks so much for checking in on me! I've been working 6 days a week at the bookshop from 11am til 7pm, Wednesdays until 10pm. The days are long, but very rewarding.

Protium and Thump went to see Tim Minchin awhile back and I'd never heard of him. Spent the afternoon watching some of his you-tube videos and really liked this one.

Rather describes where I'm at with my life at the moment. :)


Thump Thump Eyes said...

Nice pick, glad you liked him...I like all of his stuff, I reckon 'Storm' is a doozie, he is such a master of words :) There is also a documentary about his rise to fame just out.

We had front row seats, woo hoo it was mag!!

Orion77 said...

I've never run my own business, always worked for others, but I can imagine apart from the worry it must be rewarding. The idea; commiting to it; working like crazy to make it happen and then finally some customers coming in and buying what you're offering.

I'm a slow browser myself, find the section I'm after at mid-morning and then park myself for an hour or two. You evetually get my money after I've promoted or disqualified the titles available.

With second-hand books I've always enjoyed finding those with personal notes inscribed in them, particularly the dated one's. It can take you back in time in someone else's life or in history more generally. The negative is I tend to buy them even if Í'm not interested, just in case the next purchaser didn't look after this long forgotten gift. I think the technical term for this is "freak!"

How are those baseball cards going?

Anonymous said...

Tim Minchin is terrific, haven't seen him live but seen him several times on TV and have a DVD of his.

I still think you are rather brave starting your own shop,lots of long hard work. Hope it is very profitable for you.

Fiery said...

Thump- :D Protes was bragging on AFA Forum about your concert seats. Would have been highly entertaining! Any word on why Tim went barefoot for a good chunk of his performances? Does he ever talk about it or just do it?

Orion- It is an awesome feeling when someone comes in and pays cash for books I accepted on trade. It means I made the right decision getting them. And some customers are just the absolute best, loving the store, picking out an armful of books from a huge variety of sections and telling all their friends about us. Really feels awesome when they check out. Love the customers who settle in and really peruse a section too. There are several books you would like. One is called "How to be a Doctor" and has a very long inscription in it wishing the individual well on his medical career. There are a few others too with extended personal inscriptions. I'm wondering if you want me to set them aside for you or if you like discovering them on your own? :D We do both. One guy likes books on herbal remedies so I just start a pile and he stops in every few days to buy them. Can't beat that? :D

So far, so good. Hopefully we're climbing the bell curve.

Fiery said...

The baseball cards crawled onto a back shelf and found some vitamins or something because they are enormous. About the size of a sheet of notebook paper. Want some? :D We've only got 6 left.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Tim wears no shoes for the whole show, but doesn't mention why. Although, having said that, there is one nice boot by the piano :) which he puts on for one song and stamps it to keep time, or for emphasis :) then takes it off again LOL

...Perth boy too and we're so proud of him ;)

By crikey you're doing the hard yards arent you....all those hours! whew almost as bad as us LOL good one matey, sounds like its paying off for you !!

Orion77 said...

I'll take the baseball cards if they're signed. That said, you are an atheist, so can you be trusted not to dodge them up, yourself? I better check with Ken Ham first, pretty sure he could spot a scam, when he sees one!

Fiery said...

Thump- it's exhausting but rewarding. :D

Orion- they aren't signed. It's possible they might be an unusual promotional series and have some value that way. Will email you pics of them and you can let me know if you want 'em. :))

Orion77 said...


Richard said...

It is nice to hear you so positive about your customers and your store... well done. Keep it growing.

Perhaps you could pop up a couple of pics so we can see how it looks outside and in.