Sunday, May 3, 2009

open forum 23

Chance to ask questions. yada yada you know the drill. :))


Battery said...

What was your first car if any.

What was your first pet. Name, type etc. Any particular memories.

Have you ever stared at something and lost your thoughts. If so for how long.

What's the longest amount of time you've stayed awake for. How long have you tried to (i.e as I child you tried to stay up for two weeks so you would be beamed up by Scotty etc)

What is one thing you've never tried but would like to really try. (meant this first about food but now it could be anything)

Traceytreasure said...

How are you doing?

Thump Thump Eyes said...

How is the shop going?

Fiery said...

Battery- first off your question from last month about the historical event I'd change. I think the Council of Nicea would be a good place to start. Prevent those bishops from unifying the bible and maybe christianity would have splintered and destroyed itself. The world would be a better place if it had.

My first car was a brown chevrolette that we called the "bm car". I drove it throughout highschool. No air conditioning and no tape deck. But it got me from the farm to where I wanted to go, so. :)

My first pet was a black and white cat named Frisky (because he looked like the cat on the Friskee cat food bags). He was an indoor/outdoor cat, the only one my parents ever allowed me to have. (We had other cats, but they were exclusively outdoor cats). One time he went out tomcatting and didn't come back for about 2 weeks. I thought he was gone forever, but son-of-a-gun if he didn't show up again. Meowing and scratching at the door in the middle of the night. Dad let him in and he came bolting up the stairs and jumped on my bed, waking me by rubbing his head against my chin and purring up a storm. :)) I love being nuzzled.

As for staring and zoning out, sure on the odd occassion, but never for too long as I am... overly self-conscious. Even when I'm completely by myself with no one to watch me, I still can't just 'let go and do whatever'. So... time frame for zoning out... a few minutes, then I become self-aware and snap out of it.

The first time I set out to stay awake for an extended length of time I made myself sick the whole next day. (I only made it about 24 hours). I don't handle lack of sleep very well. In fact, both of my flights across the Pacific ocean ended with me being incredibly miserable when I landed for many hours afterwards. Part of it was choosing the wrong meals on the flight, but the rest was lack of proper sleep.

I would love to try participate in a traditional oriental meal with all the trimmings and costumes.

As far as an activity I've never done before. I'd love to be in a food fight. Wearing clothes I wasn't worried about with ammo that wouldn't hurt anybody.

Tracey- I'm doing really well! I'm keeping really busy with the book shop and don't have a lot of time for doing much more than throwing a load of laundry into the wash in the morning and hanging it up to dry when I get home in the evening. I'm tired when I get home and don't feel like doing much, thus the derth of posts.

Thump- I love working at the shop, especially when customers bring in trade. I love sorting through books and pricing them, getting them out onto the shelves and talking to customers who are excited about finding us and who love books and are thrilled we opened up. Not so fond of the arseholes who bitch about weird things, like not having any coffee table art books on World War II or Nazis. *rolls eyes*

Thump Thump Eyes said...

So glad to hear the shop is going well and you're enjoying it all. Contrary to what some digital 'experts' say, I don't think actual paper books will ever die ;)

LOL...there will always be the arse-hole customers, but in my experience, they are always outnumbered by the lovely ones.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I love the religious customers that come in and buy bibles and erotica.

Repression people repression :)

You'll have to do a video for you tube, guerrilla advertising.

Diary of book store owner. So do you have a deranged offsider like Martin in Notting Hill? Or are the owners the deranged ones like Dylan Moran in Black Books?