Thursday, April 2, 2009

mi bloga es su bloga

Its my blog and I'll write what I want to.

Except I like people to enjoy it and interact with me and each other in the comments section.

So.... this is a poll, except more than a dot click would be helpful.

What do you like best to find when you stop by my blog?

1- Playing Fundy Bashing? (If so, I can open up comments to all and we can have at the believers who stop by with their 5 most obvious arguments that we've "never" heard)

2- Posts with my reaction to religious idiocy

3- funny jokes, pics, you tube clips that catch my eye

4- personal annecdotes of my life including pics of the weather (omg does THAT sound boring, but I know that it isn't as bad as that)

5- talk of homeschooling (*snerk* THAT Stopped after a few posts)

6- tales of my drinking exploits (which occur about 4-6 times per year, if I'm lucky)

7- travel adventures (Australia but mostly Montana)

8- talk of evolution, science, how the world really works?

I don't know if this is a massive bout of self-doubt- which is ugly, I know- but what keeps you coming back here? And if it suits me, I'll provide more of that.

Thanks, cheers, and ta for the help!


Xavier Onassis said...

YOU keep me coming back here. So, all of the above. =)

Anonymous said...

Pretty much all the above.

I wouldn't open up comments too much though, there's only so much idiocy I can handle.

I like your snarky reactions to religious idiocy, and your personal anecdotes / drinking sessions are always good for a laugh.

I've been enjoying looking at the pics of the weather and travel as it is so different to where I live.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

I'll always come back.

I like the fundy bashing because I think they deserve it and you do it so well.

I love the weather pics and reports, all that snow sets my teeth on edge (in an exciting way) and because all we've got here is sun sun sun...well mostly. We've just had the coldest March in 40 years...where is that bloody global warming?

Your drinking exploits are always funny and just show that you are human like the rest of us :)

Don't give up, just keep it coming, your insights are, well, insightful, and hilarious, interesting, confronting, thoughtful, entertaining...I could go on, but mostly its because no one is quite like you dear Fiery, you're unique xx

Battery said...

I love all of them. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7 which equals.........thinking......... 28....... 2+8 = 10 the last digit is 0. so I like option 0. Reading your fiction stories about caves and phoenixes and magic. Unfortunately there's not enough. VOTE ONE fiery. Err...... too much oj this morning me thinks?

Poodles said...

I'm with all of the above too.

Joe said...

I agree with X, Oz and Poodles, its all of it.

Richard said...

I like it all too, but I'm not keen on those 'tag' things that go around 'cause they are usually quite lame.