Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'd like your thoughts and opinions on this

Here are 2 ideas for the sign for my used book store. I'd love to hear your reactions and comments positive or negative and specifically why you think the way you do.
i.e. instead of ... "It looks weird" you could say ..."It needs ears"

There are 2 major differences between the two. The font of the "O" and the eyebrows.

I'll be making the decision very soon so a speedy reply would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!!




What say you? Thicker, thinner, bigger, higher, lower, rounder, squarer???? lol

ps- special thanks to Battery, without whom I never would have gotten these made up. Cheers mate! You are a life saver.


ozatheist said...

For what my opinion's worth, I prefer Alpha. The eyes look surprised, as if they are surprised the books are so cheap (perhaps).

So you are going ahead with your bookstore idea?

Poodles said...

I too like Alpha. The eyes seem more like a set of eyes. The beta's eyes look like two of the same eye.

Johnny said...

Sorry to be contrary but I like the second one, the eyes in the first look scared rather than surprised to me and I like the eyes stay as the same font in the second. When I first saw them I didn't think that bravo was two of the same eye, just that it was looking down at the second bit. Now that Poodles mentioned it it does look like two of the same, but people coming to the store probably aren't going to scrutinise the sign much, I guess it's a first impression thing.

Fiery said...

Thank you all for your opinions!!!!!!

Yes the book shop is off and running. Just need the damn sign up so people know we're here. Stupid cold weather and the flood have really farked with the timeline. *sigh*

sign was supposed to be up 2-3 weeks BEFORE we opened with a big "COMING SOON" in the window. AARRRGGGHHHH

We've been open a week with a "here we are please ignore the enormous sign above us that still says TALKING BASEBALL".

Noooooo that's not causing any stress. Noooooooooooo.


ntsc said...

I prefer the font of alpha but the eyebrows of beta. In beta, to me anyway, the eyebrows look more suprised, but they eyes look less suprised than alpha.

uzza said...

My vote for bravo. The eyes are looking AT something, which makes me want to follow them to see what....

Thump Thump Eyes said...

I like Bravo, but the eyebrows should be directly above and more curved to add to the surprised look. Alpha looks a tad 'amateur' Bravo looks more pro...:)

Traceytreasure said...

The first one looks better to me but I'm jealous of your book store.

Aren't Christian customers fun?

Best of luck!! Wishing you lots of success!! Hugs!!

Orion77 said...

Option Bravo I reckon, it seems more uniform, with the brows and eyeballs a little bit of flair added on.

Good to see the opening is all going to plan as these things always do. I didn't realize you were doing baseball cards as well, which is handy to know, I will pass the word around.

I'm guessing all your tradesmen turn up 1/2 hour early, are polite, well read, clean up after themselves and are going out of their way to save you money. God love 'em!

Fiery said...

Orion- lol!!! holy smokes baseball cards??? Nah. That was the last location. We do books only! Yep, highquality basically like new, previously owned, books. Unless someone wants to fence new books in which case we can help them with that as well! ;)

Thank you one and all for your thoughts and opinions on the two options!!!

I like the eyebrows and am hoping we can reposition them in ads to convey emotions particular to the message. Just think, if we ever do tv we're a pinch away from having a character.


Richard said...

I am a bit late I suppose, but I like the second one better. The eyes seem to be looking at "Fifth", so it draws the viewer's eyes to that important point. If it's not too late, the eyes could be italicized so they lean to "Fifth" (pupils might need a little relocation).

At first I wondered what a Fifth had to do with it, after all a Fifth is, "A common term in the U.S. for 750mL (25.36oz) of hard liquor, approximately one fifth of a U.S. gallon" (Wikipedia).

MMMmmmm, books with a shot or two.

Joe said...

I'm a bit late on this as well, but I like Alpha.
And, don't forger to give us all the on line link so we can buy stuff mailorder.

Hound Doggy said...

I'm late too...but I like Alpha. It's too bad we are so far apart. I'm having a HUGE book sale next weekend. I have all types but many that are like new. I sell on Amazon and have bought out bookstores and such. The popular books that sell great in book stores don't do well on Amazon....so I have a bunch of those.
The book sale will have over 10,000 books. Tomorrow we move them from my place to the church (yes I know--don't judge) where the sale is.
That reminds me......I guess tonight I need to file down my horns. ;]

Harry Nads said...

You could just go with something like this:



Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I am just happy that you is selling books :) - double for Christian ones right?

Richard said...

I think you should have a trap door, right in front of the cash counter.

You take their money and punch the amount into the register. Then, when you hit Enter, the trap door drops and the Fundie plunges hundreds of feet, into a giant, HOT subterranean cellar. He is unharmed, but is confronted with a heat resistant banner that says, "WELCOME TO HELL'.

If he is missed, then a sedative gas is released into the cellar, he is retrieved, and is placed on a park bench somewhere odd, with his purchase and change, to recover.

To utterly add to his 'dream' Fiery could put him in a tanning bed for too long, so he is sunburned. Heh heh heh.