Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the new AFA Forum


The new on-line Forum for the Atheist Foundation of Australia is in beta testing as I type this. Here is a foretaste of the good things to come, said to a fundy by our newest member JohnO...

"The lord is your shepherd eh? What does a shepherd do? He looks after a flock of sheep so he can fleece them and sell them for meat."


The new AFA Forum... Coming to the internet January 8th. (or so). Hope to see you there!!!

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Reldnahcnotlad said...

Thanks for admiring my blog! I do love the sarcasm. I will be posting more ridiculus love letters. The nest one will be much better than the first though. This time it will be with my best friends boyfriend. He'll actually respond to that I'm certain. The actual conversation will be a follow up to the next blog. I put his photo in a gay pride parade picture. Bahaha!