Monday, December 17, 2007

7 Weird Things about Me

My big brother,Protium, whom I love dearly *hugs*, wants me to reveal 7 weird facts about myself and then spread the joy around.

1. I like the taste of water- two hydrogen molecules + 1 oxygen that's it. I hate the taste of mineral water, spring water, sparkling water, tap water, well water, etc... Hold the chlorine, hold the fluoride. Just H20. You give me a good old jug of room temperature distilled water and I can drink it in one sitting. I know a lot of people flipped because Aquafina is ultra filtered tap water and I say good on 'em. Let the city filter the water, then Pepsi bottling company strips the fluoride and chlorine from it and I'm all on board with that as long as it tastes like 2hydrogen + 1 oxygen. YAY WATER!!!!!

2. I love long hot showers. The longer the better and I keep edging up the heat as my body adjusts to it. BUT.... they make me thirsty. So I keep a bottle of Aquafina in the shower and usually end up drinking half of it by the end.

3. I love school, am a good student, I test well, and I despise sitting in the front of the classroom. 1/3rd of the way back on the instructor's left side, preferably on an aisle seat is my preferred location.

4. I was 17 years old when I got my first kiss. I got pregnant at 19. My parents never talked to me about sex, how wonderful it is, how easy it is to get caught up in the moment, or birth control. I won't make the same mistake.

5. My favorite part of my day is reading Anne McAffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series to my two children.

6. I have more in common with and communicate more with people I met through the AFA Forum and on this blog than I do with my own siblings, and I am thrilled with that.

7. The head of my bed is under a window that gets really cold in the winter. Because I couldn't figure out a way to rearrange the room with the furniture that is in it, I rearranged the sheets and sleep with my head at the foot of the bed.

I'd like to know 7 weird things about....
Book Are you still out there?
Xavier Onassis

Those who are blogless are more than welcome to post them here. :D


Protium said...

We have a lot of trouble in Oz with Dihydrogen monoxide getting in our reservoirs. You can't taste it but you just know you're drinking it.

Thanks for that Sis. Job well done :)

Fiery said...

that's why jeebus invented chlorine, so the dihydrogen monoxide would taste like shite and you'd always know when you were drinking it or when someone cooks with it. blech!

look forward to hearing you again soon Brotium. :D

Poodles said...

I love water too, but I am ok with plain old tap. While here at work I drink many large jugs of water a day. Part of that is because of the water pills I take.

I have requested a portipotty be located near my cubicle. ;)

Richard said...

7 weird things:

1. I avoid cows milk & cream, because they make me snotty. I love coffee but in spite of many lengthy attempts I have never been able to stand it black. I am mildly allergic to almonds, and am substantially allergic to soy.... so I make my own peanut milk. It is a bit different from cream, is much easier on my stomach, and every bit as satisfying as cream.

2. As a child I had some negative experiences with overweight people, even now they give me the same queasy feeling one gets when having dog pooh on one's shoe. I can getter over it if I must, and have one good friend, a woman, who is 5' 7" and 182 lbs. I am 6'1' and 176 lbs!

3. I collect movies. I am so picky that in 15 years I have only about 16.

4. I still have my Grade 13 Biology notes... they stand for how I discovered proper studying and I cannot bear to throw them out.

5. I have a brother who is a raving leftist who lives in Ecuador. For the last 20 years I have only spoken to him once. Once I gave him a chance to be decent via email, but since then I have refused to communicate with him for most of that time

6. I started a petition in the high school where I taught, seeking the banning of Dihydrogen monoxide. It was a demonstration for my Gr. Ten classes. Several teachers, on in science, signed it, as well as many hundreds of students. When the scam was exposed, the students grasped how easy it is to dupe people who tend not to think for themselves. The school owner was not initially impressed, but came around.

7. I eat almost anything, but I don't like limes and lime juice in most things, especially soda pop.

Fiery said...

Poodles- Tap water? Really????

Richard- milk products make me phlegm up as well. If I eat pizza I end up blowing my nose several times. Is your blood type A??? Mine is A+ and I once heard it was because of that. Thanks for sharing! :)

T&A said...

I filter our tap water. I can't stand the taste of the water that comes from the tap!

I also edge the heat up in the shower! Hot,hot, hot! (same with a bath)

T&A said...

Richard: No limes? I love them!
That's what I love about our species. So much diversity!

Richard said...

Yes I am an A+ blood type. I have adopted some of the dietary recommendations of "Eat Right For Your Blood Type", and I have reduced phlegm, brain fog and joint pains (I have dislocated my right knee three times and my left knee once. The joints slip about their proper alignment which causes chronic inflammation.)

I have to work around some of the book's recommendations because of allergies, but in many ways its recommendations help. I suggest people try working with it, not as a dietary gospel but as a set of suggestions with which to experiment.

Joe said...

You've been beaten to the punch, take a gander by my blog and your 7 are there.