Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesnesday: ladies night out

Started the evening at Labby's and had the BEST quesadilla and a Mike's Hard Black Cherry. Just to get the evening started right.

And then we went to the Bombshelter. It's the bar in the basement of the local titty bar. Ohhhhh la la was the waitress hot. Wearing short-short daisy duke type shorts. I love when they lean against you and wrap their arm around your shoulder.

The bartender was a real sweetheart. I asked if he had any chocolate drinks and he didn't. So we invented one. Sweet jesus it was good.

1- UV Cake Vodka- did you know vodka comes in cake flavor? It does. And tastes like white cake. ohhhhh godd soooooo good.
1- Hazelnut (vodka?) couldn't see what brand he used so I used Frangelica to recreate it. Damn that shit's expensive.
sploosh- Half & Half creamer
glug- coke to top it off

mmmmmmm deliciously sweet and loaded with booze.

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Sparklee said...

No, I didn't know that Vodka comes in cake flavor. And that was probably a good thing! ;)