Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Eostre!

Yeah it's late. I was waiting for inspiration! At least that's my excuse.

Behold the spring-time fertility goddess, Eostre or Ostara.

Now that is an incredible reason to celebrate the return of the sun and new growth, procreation and new life.

Beats the hell out of a bastard stapled to a couple of tree limbs.

Click HERE for a quick look at who she is.

It is with deep regret that I notice that nearly all of my old regulars have stopped blogging.

I understand though. Life just moves on, changes.

A quick update on me,

The book store continues to prosper. It has been nearly 2 years. About 2 months ago I got broadsided with some damn flu thing or other and was out for a week. The Kids' Dad took over and loved doing it. I stayed home and recovered and started doing projects around the house that had been ignored. Spring cleaning Phoenix-style.

Shortly after opening the shop I exchanged comments with and then began emailing Orion. The internet acquaintanceship has grown into a full blown relationship that has been going for nearly 2 years with every indication of permanence. I've never been so happy in all my life. He is perfect for me and I love him dearly.

I've learned an incredible amount about myself since I started this blog, getting over the guilt of my unbelief was huge. The trip to Australia was another major landmark in my life. I even managed a rebound relationship before I met Orion that helped me figure out exactly what I want in a partner. Which is hugely important to know.

TIP- Always know exactly what your deal breakers are when it comes to relationships. And don't ever ignore or cope with differences that are really important to you. It won't get better, and ultimately they will destroy your relationship.

I regret that my blog and the AFA are no longer a part of my daily life. But with the kids, the bookshop and Orion, I just don't have the time or the inclination. But I have never felt the joy and contentment with another person than I do with Orion. My love, my own, my forever.

I hope each of you has or finds that in your life.


T T Eyes said...

That is great Eostre news Fiery, I'm so happy for you!!!! and Orion must be wonderful to have captured your heart!!! wooo hoooooooo happy happy times xx

Fiery said...

:D Thank you very much Thump! Orion came to visit last July for 17 days. If we could create our own heaven, I would choose those 17 days. They were absolute bliss. I've never been more truly happy, content, joyeous, loved, loving, cherished, adored, ever. In my whole life. I'm hoping to go see him this July. I finally know what I want with my life and it is to spend the rest of it with him.

Give Jake a rub for me, he is still my favourite dog of all time.


Joe said...

You know I still churn out the posts. Good luck with Orion. You're right, one has to know the deal breakers beforehand. I certainly have learned what mine are, perhaps a bit too late.

Poodles said...

Congrats on finding happiness!

uzza said...

Congratulations on all that has happened with you. Also on your bookstore's success; I remember when you started it. I hope you keep blogging.