Monday, February 28, 2011

Facebook question

Ok, for all you bloggers who have stuck your toe under the fence *shudders* and are using that me-tooist monstrosity called facebook. I've got a question for ya.

I am grudgingly on the damn thing. I do basically nothing with it and have been "friended" by lots of people I don't really want to be friends with. For the longest time, if someone friend requested me, I'd say yes, 'cause, ya know, I was flattered.

Then my list of friends included an ass load of people who don't know me in real life* and who I don't want to follow my every comment on people that I do care about's walls.

So, I unfriended them.

Does that shit appear on your ... wall or news or updates or wherever the fuck it tells the world what you are doing??? Because I just got a brand new friend request from someone I.... quietly unfriendly. GOD DAMMMITTTT!!!!!

Does that mean that all these pricks are now getting those "you might know this person" in their side bar again too??? WTF!!!

* Knowing me in real life means you know I'm an atheist, minimum. :D


Holmes Family said...

You can change you privacy settings so people who aren't friends with you already can't search for you. And that should get rid of the random friend requests. The only way someone can find you when you set the search to "friends only" are those who have some of the same friends as you.

In order to change it you click on account, then privacy settings, then connecting on facebook, and from there you can change what is shared and with whom.

I keep my locked up like Fort Knox. The downside is people you may want to hear from can't find on, the upside though is people you don't want to hear from can't find you either! LOL.

Fiery said...

Thanks for the tip! :D I actually already have that privacy feature in play. No strangers hoping for pr0n, just people who live in the same town I grew up in (population 900, we all knew each other) who I wasn't particularly friends with.

Once I unfriend them, does my name go back into the pool of "hey! You might know these people!"??? or "you have these friends in common"???

Thanks for reading my whinge and welcome to my blog!!!!

Poodles said...

There is also a thinggy for google chrome that you can use to see who "unfriends" you. (not very technical I know).

Fiery said...

Thanks Poodles!!!! :D Hope all is well with you and the Hulk!