Thursday, May 6, 2010

potential vs actual

Thank you LOLGod.


Xavier Onassis said...


Miss you! Hope the book store is going well!

Fiery said...

Thanks XO!!! I miss you as well. I see your name in my yahoo account when you are online and it always makes me smile and then wonder what you are up to. Porn. *snerk*

I miss the whole blogging thing as well. All (nearly) the folks who used to show up here. A regular little community that grew up around my blog. It was good fun.

The book shop is going great! We just finished our first year and it is doing very well.

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Anonymous said...


Fiery said...

howdy sparky,

no comprende, 青春一逝不復返,事業一失難有成。
translates as "One youth died not return, and cause a loss of hard contribution has."

try again.

Reg Golb said...

Its rather stupid. Name once when an abortion was performed on a fertilized egg?