Saturday, September 19, 2009


Truly spectacular

...makes my heart soar within me. soul take wing.


Joe said...

Its a great pic that I poached with credit.

Fiery said...

howdy joe!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the hat tip!

I heart Orion said...

Nice pic! The universe is an amazing place. Orion Nebula is truly spectacular. Poetry in motion.

Luap said...

Bugger! It's a beautiful image, billions of years elapsing for this one moment in time.

Fiery said...

Thank you. I Heart Orion. :) There is something special about the constellation Orion as it wheels through the sky, spending part of its time in Australia and part of its time in the US. What a compromise allowing both to enjoy its splendor.

Yes indeed, Luap. While I don't believe in predestination, the universe has been ticking away for 13.5 billion years, give or take, and it has all added up to this moment in time. To do with what we will. To seize opportunities or let them slide by.

Reg Golb said...

Perfection? It's randon gas.
Assuming you even have a soul, what kind of wing would that be, mild, hot, or atomic?
Personally, I like the boneless wing. No mess, youdon't even need a handy wipe, now there is evolution for you.