Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mean People Suck


What is it with kids who have to kick sand castles and knock down snowmen? Seriously.

I hope all the pricks out there get exactly what they deserve.


Reg Golb said...

And no doubt, you will be the one who determines what they deserve

Fiery said...

Reg Golb = Mean Person

Reg Golb said...

What happened to your blog?
Too busy with all the hope and change from president cool?

Fiery said...

Why do you care about my blog?

You obviously haven't been reading it if you think that I support ANY politician.

Reg Golb said...

I love your blog. He is such a cute little guy, I just want him to succeed.

And no, I don't think you support mr. cool, and no I haven't been reading your blog because there really hasn't been much to read.

Just miss our little chats. wink wink

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I agree with your title Fiery! Glad to see you postin' again!


Richard said...

Speaking of “Mean People”.

Part 1
Friday night, I took Jayda, my two daughters & two of their friends to the local Leash Free Park. They were playing in the leaning branches of a low tree. Jessica, noticed that I have some liver spots & sunburn scarring on my upper arms. She asked what they were. She then asked if liver spots only occur on hands & arms.

No, I said, "they’re a bit like Jennifer's freckles. They may only be on her face or they may be all over her body, as happens with some red-heads. There's little one can do about them."

Fifteen minutes later two policemen escorted me from the park and accused me of making lewd remarks to underage girls!!

Apparently, some F#$%CK^&*R had over-heard me say, "all over her body", and called the police.

The policemen didn’t tell me that a female officer was interviewing the kids, tried to get me to admit "it", though I explained all I could.

There persistence became ludicrous, so I said, "Why ask me, if your minds are already made up?" From that they argue that I was being difficult, disrespectful and non-compliant. They still had not told me about the policewoman, and they continued to detain me and provoke me.

Though I would never start being physical (police or not), I voice certainly became louder. One officer then stepped into my face and asked if I "want to make something of it". I said "get out of my face" and turned, sharply, sideways, and ignored him.

Shortly later the policewoman emerged from the park, saying “no problem”. "Thank goodness" ,I said, "So, let me go".

Nope, the police would not let me drive the other two girls home, “to be sure they were not at risk". I had to call the girls' parents. Finally, I thought it was over.

Richard said...

Part 11

On Tuesday, I received a call from the Children's Aid Society. “We were interviewing your ex-wife and your children about the police report concerning your behavior on Friday night. Your ex-wife says you occasionally drink alcohol, and we are concerned you may be endangering your children's safety.”

If I do have alcohol around them, I am careful not to get buzzed. So now any alcohol is apparently an automatic conviction in the minds of many.
As for me, you can see where this is going.

Now CAS will not allow me to have my children at all, until I come into the CAS offices & explain myself.

Their motto is "Protecting Children and Supporting Families". I pointed out that following up false allegations with this guilty-until-proven-innocent approach does more to disrupt families than help them.

"We are not saying you are guilty, Sir. We are sure it will turn out for everyone's good, it is what our protocol requires?"

"So, even though you know that the policewoman found nothing wrong, and even though my ex-wife has made an allegation about something I do in my home only when it is safe, you are still going to go through the motions as if there was something to find? Isn't that pretty much acting as if I was guilty? Just because you do not say the words, will not change the nature of the actions?"

"Sir, our first concern is the children. Your argumentative nature may well be harmful to them. You can come and talk to us, or we can arrange counseling for you in another department."

So now I must defend myself from two allegations. It is their word against mine, yet mine simply because they made the allegations their words are considered to be superior to!

I have no choice but to allow the indignity of dealing with people —whom I would not waste saliva on— as if they were my betters, whom I must obey and respect.

I feel as if this is 8th Century Europe. If someone sees me with a Red Rooster & a Black Cat, I'm done for. This must be what it can feel like to be a Negro in The South, except now its being a 'white divorced father'.

Sure "Mean People" suck, but Self-Righteously Mean People, want you to bend over.

No wonder some people "Go Postal" or drink, ...Aaaaaarrrrggghhhh.

Richard said...

I had to put it in two parts because, even though it was well under the character count limit, any attempt to post it resulted in a Blogger error message (some hexadecimal sequence). I Googled the exact message, searched Blogger Help and the forum, and no one explains what it is.

Fiery said...

Massive amounts of sympathy Richard. What an abhorrent situation.

I've been very lucky to have almost totally avoided the attention of "social services" with my kids, barring an incident when my daughter was 3 years old.

What a nightmare.

Wish there was something I could do, more than wishing you the very best of luck.