Monday, June 8, 2009

telemarketers suck

and not in that fun way that so many of us enjoy.

I've received 3. Not one, not two, but three. THREE telemarketing phone calls on my *cellphone* this morning. Within the last 3 hours as a matter of fact.


If any of these companies thinks I will ever *EVER* buy anything from them they are sorely mistaken. Bad enough they ringy dingy my home phone, usually during a meal and most often with nothing there but the computer making a note "this is a good time to call".

National Do Not Call Registry I registered. Should have done it yonks ago, but couldn't be bothered. Well now I am.

Here are a few ways to fuck with telemarketers. And don't give me that "oh they're just a poor schlub with a horrid job." Yep, no one is forcing them to be a telemarketer. Life is about choices. Cold calling people is a bad choice. Reap the whirlwind.

Thank you for hosting the picture.


Orion77 said...

Don't get them at home or on the mobile. Get them at work alot though, selling investment packages that are to good to refuse, apparently! MF's!!

AlphaRed said...

I hate these stupid calls, now I don't even answer a lot of the time. I just check the number after on some site that has a database of numbers. is the site I've been using, I wonder why there aren't more of them. These calls have got to stop!

Fiery said...

Howdy Alpha! And thank you for making my blog your first stop on the Blogger Highway! :)

Good tip for the website, cheers for that.

Anymore, I rarely answer the phone at all. Don't want to talk to anybody, if I did, I'd be the one calling.